High Fantasy 101

Second Session: Filler? In MY Campaign?

It's more likely than you think.

Congrats, everybody: we’ve made it through two whole sessions (and I’m already late posting a recap!). Since last week was an odd session, disrupted and disjointed, there wasn’t a great deal of roleplaying; look for the RP award next time.

As the second session begins, it’s a bright, sunny day, and two of our adventurers are abed with food poisoning. Shucks, it looks like we won’t be hitting the road today. I guess we’ll just have to have a FILLER ADVENTURE!

Happily, while Keary and Alatariel are in the middle of chasing some kobolds through a roof, Thorar makes a miraculous recovery and the party elects to just haul the halfling behind them. A day’s walk down the road, they reach their goal: the manor of Count Gothtan, who (rumor has it) has offered a reward to any valiant crew who can clear his land of the undead monsters that plague it.

The Count’s home is guarded by wounded men, and inside, the halls are empty. The Count meets you in his bedroom, where he lies wounded, and tells you the story of his only son’s death and the attack that engulfed the burial party from within the family tomb. The dead struck down an unarmed, unsuspecting funeral party, killing and wounding many of the Count’s servants and armsmen. Those few who escaped unhurt are now watching at the battlements constantly, knowing that this is the perfect time for a rival house to strike. After a night of rest, he send the party into the family tomb with a scroll written to let its bearer avoid the traps built to dissuade grave robbers.

Inside the tomb lie seven sarcophagoi, six of them cracked open. The first chamber has a door leading off to each side, but only the righthand door is open; the other appears locked. Moving to the right, the party is attacked by four rattling bones, skeletons animated by some foul influence. Alatariel smashes two, and Thorar chases off the others with a blazing display of Pelor’s power.

Further inside, the tomb complex contains a sarcophagous with the remains of a woman who, judging by the wall paintings, was probably rescued by a dragonslayer; Thorar and Alatariel break into her coffin and steal her earrings. Way to restore the Count’s honor, everybody. The next room seems to have a moving floor, but as the torchlight illuminates the details, it makes clear the cause: a horde of spiders coating the walls and floor. They pour from the room through a hole in the wall, one the size of a small dog scampering off in the crowd. In the fourth room waits a worse surprise: a single spider the size of an ork. It bites Thorar, sapping his strength with its venom, but – after a slightly embarrassing encounter with a cobweb – the four companions fight it into a corner and beat it into a pulpy mess.

Acting on a suspicion about the scroll’s first clue, “Turn the Key within the Fourth to ope the door within the Fifth”, Kaeleria snoops through the fourth chamber. Behind the spider’s web, she spots something odd: it looks like a mechanical housing for a lever of some sort, but the lever seems to be twisted off. Keary recalls that one of the skeletons carried a metal lever as a club; he and Alatariel run back to fetch it.

While they’re occupied, the turned skeletons – now turned brave – return for a second helping of Pelor’s fury. Thorar chases them back into the fifth room, where Keary and Alatariel pursue them upon their return, kicking the shit out of their bony asses. As Alatariel leaves the room, something leaps at her from the shadows: a new member of the undead’s ghastly ranks, which chases her back to where the party stands and is shortly hacked headless. It is in the moment after this smiting that we leave our heroes: surrounded by the corpses of the twice-dead, slightly the worse for wear, and poised to rebuild the odd lever (to what end, they haven’t asked).



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