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This is a world where good is good, evil is evil, and you can tell which is which unambiguously with a dash of magic. Royalty does as they please, wizards stay in their towers, and peasants stay out of the way. The setting is based loosely on feudal Europe. The climate is temperate with occasionally bitter winters. Most of the land is covered with old growth forests. Near human cities, miles may have been cleared for shipbuilding, construction, firewood and farmland, but between population centers, there’s nothing but trees and owlbears. There is little broad consolidation of power: there are a few nominal kings, but local lords hold almost total power over their vassals.

The other races are less numerous, and they also tend to have a smaller impact on the land around them. Elves have built a magnificent civilization in the world’s deep forests, where no-one but an elf or monster would dare to go. They use magic to shape cities within and around the trees. Their magic and their way of life seems alien to most humans, who think of them with a mixture of awe and suspicion. There are two main groups of halflings: the pastoral homebodies, who are rarely seen outside of their home towns, and those who have caught the wanderlust. The roamers collect in caravans and move from place to place, trading or entertaining. Dwarves mostly keep to themselves; their cities are carved out under the mountains to the north.

Players: this site might be useful if you want to keep track of antagonists, allies, and everyone in-between. Feel free to add or edit entries on people, places and things you encounter. The internet and I have conspired to bring you nothing but the best in time-wasting activities.

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