Leonard Monaghan

Half-orc with some pizazz


Monk 2 / Ranger 1

STR: 19 (+4) DEX: 15 (+2) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 9 (-1)

HP: 24; AC: 15 unarmored, 16 armored (chain shirt+1); Touch AC: 13/14; Flat-footed AC: 12; Initiative: 2

Saving Throws: Fortitude: 7; Reflex: 7; Will: 6

Base Attack bonus: 2; Grapple bonus: 6

Attacks: Unarmed – 1d6 – x2 – Bludgeoning – Flurry of Blows +3/+3 total attack bonus; Dwarven Waraxe – 1d10 – x3 -Slashing (mainhand); Shortsword – 1d6 – Piercing (offhand); Composite Shortbow+4 – 1d6+4 – x3 – Piercing at 70ft; Composite Longbow+4 – 1d8+4 – x3 – Piercing at 110ft

Skill modifier totals: Appraise +3 to alchemy checks; Climb +6, +5 if armored; Craft (Alchemy): +8 (assuming alchemist’s lab is present); Handle Animal: +4; Knowledge (Arcana): +2; Knowledge (Geography): +3; Knowledge (Nature): +2; Listen: +9; Perform (Ventriloquism): +0; Ride: +7; Spot: +6; Survival: +6; Use Rope: +4

Chainshirt+1: Light armor – +4 AC, +4 max dex, -1 check penalty, spell failure @ 20%

Feats/Abilities: Stunning Fist (2/day); Deflect Arrows; Power Attack; Track; Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Dwarven Waraxe; Flurry of Blows -1/-1; Improved Unarmed Strike; Evasion; Wild Empathy; Favored Enemy: Ork; Darkvision 60 ft; Orc Blood

Stuff: Heavy Horse w/ scale barding; Cart w/ a whole bunch of crap, including a barrel of fine wine and a portable ram. Belt pouch and backpack contain various alchemical tools: -Alchemist’s Fire -Sunrod -Smokestick -Thunderstone

Cart’s front seat has a fixed halfling puppet, covered by a heavy cloak. Leonard uses this to avoid drawing attention from travelers on the road, and to avoid conversations that could be hurt by his race.

Pet bat.


The contents of this backstory are marks of pride and shame for Leonard, but he divulges every element all the same whenever he gets a drink or two under his belt. By the end of any given adventure, he’ll most likely have told this story twice. Most people don’t pay attention either time.

Leonard’s father, Rhakish, commands a gang of Orks, made up of himself and 2 others, notably weaker than Rhakish. As an ork of pride and typical orkly desires, Rhakish left his tribe in the north for warmer lands that he might rule over peacefully for some years. In his initial pillage of southwestern Getreidfelt, he and his friends pillaged and plundered to their hearts’ content. Rhakish saw a sort of keen bitchiness that roused his groin in a woman he then raped. Suspecting he might be able to recruit a proud son, he settled down in the nearby area, stalking her not-so-quietly during the duration of her pregnancy.

On the day of Leonard’s birth, Rhakish stole him away from his near-dead mother, named him Kelkar, and immediately tested his endurance and strength. Realizing babies are like big mice, he returned the baby to its ungrateful mother, hoping to wait a bit longer for the kid to grow up. Leonard’s mother despised him, seeing him as an everyday reminder of the pain she was forced to endure. She beat him constantly. Every few months, Rhakish would check back in, often taking the child for several weeks at a time. These excursions into the wilderness were spent teaching the boy about his Orkish heritage, hoping to instill a sense of pride that would lead to a future as a brutal warrior. Rhakish often fought with his son, leaving a handful of scars he noted would one day be marks of honor.

When Leonard was 6, he made his first friend: a halfling girl just a year younger than him. He was rather large, in comparison to her, enabling him to feel like an adult in her presence, while she appreciate his large size as though an adult were playing with her. A few months later, Rhakish turned one of his regular visits into a bout of pillaging, which inadvertantly ended with the halfling girl’s death. Leonard’s anger was uncontrollable at this point. By his 7th birthday, he was finally strong enough to resist his mother’s abuse, which promptly led to her handing him a bag of moldy bread, kicking him out of the house, pointing in the direction of the nearest city.

Leonard trudged along for a few hours before a kind dwarf cleric passing by on a carriage reached out a helping hand, and brought him to an orphanage in the city of Getreidfelt. He spent 3 years in solitude at this orphanage, though not abused, certainly ignored.

One autumn day, a portly old monk came to visit the monastery, looking around for strong or troubled children to join his new monastery called Eldin. This monk, Gregory, noticed Leonard immediately, and recognized the kind of turmoil half-orcs are usually subjected to. He invited the boy to come along, an offer Leonard only accepted after being promised better food.

In a few weeks time, Leonard had settled in at the orphanage, still a loner, but at least with purpose. Gregory approached him one day suspecting he could help to lift his mood by offering the name of his own teacher, Leonard. He gained the surname of Monaghan as most orphans who came to the monastery did. From this moment on, Leonard was determined to put his Orkish heritage behind him.

A year later, Leonard met a young human named Keary, whose disposition was such that they somehow managed to become fast friends. Through the monk training, the teachings of St. Cuthbert, and this friendship, Leonard’s constant anger subsided, and his thoughts turned clearly towards retribution. Oftentimes, though, Leonard’s ideas towards retribution were rather unsavory in the eyes of his teachers, who favored a neutral approach to judgment. The day he left the monastery, 20 years after first arriving, Leonard’s first thought was to confront his mother and father. He continued his monk training in the time it took to track down his father’s location, but had already begun to lose interest in its virtues.

The day he finally challenged his father to a battle, he stood against his two uncles as well. Within minutes of spotting them in the distance, Leonard had jumped onto their campsite, kicking one uncle strongly in the gut, then grabbing his head with a strong jerk, killing him. The other uncle lunged forward, only to find himself tripped quickly, falling face first. Leonard, without taking his eyes off his father, grabbed the fallen Ork by his hair, placed his foot squarely on his spine, then lifted strongly, breaking his back, killing him. At this, Rhakish laughed, and raised his favorite waraxe with a blood-curdling cry, shouting praise towards his son as he planted the blade of the axe firmly in Leonard’s chest. Leonard grabbed the handle of the axe before he could pull it away, grasping strongly.

He then spoke articulately in Common, staring down his father, “I’m only doing what’s right,” as he pulled the blade slowly from his gut, twisting it out of his father’s hands, throwing it to the ground. He kicked the struggling Rhakish twice in the gut, then unleashing a solid, disabling blow to his head. The large Ork fell, dazed, as Leonard began to get a bad taste in his mouth at the prospect of finishing off his own father. Despite his constant treachery, Rhakish was spared. Leonard picked up the prized waraxe and walked off into the woods. The story of that waraxe was often told to Leonard. During Rhakish’s days in the north, he came across a dwarf cleric who wielded the weapon with the righteousness of Pelor, hoping to fell the mighty Ork. Rhakish quickly overcame the foe, delivering the final blow with the same axe. An inscription on the blade, which went unnoticed by Rhakish for many years, reads “retribution” in dwarven, but the same script means roughly “kill” in orkish. Of course, few know written orkish well enough to be certain it’s not actually “bathwater” when read as orkish, but this irony was enough to cause Rhakish to sleep with the axe under his pillow every night.

In the months that followed, Leonard lived solely off the land, while training himself to use his father’s dwarven waraxe. He developed ways of minimizing and smoothing over communication with the rest of the world, while accumulating a fair amount of material wealth by killing evil-doers whenever he had the opportunity. Soon, he began to crave a societal structure like that of his monastery life, so he rejoined the modern world. He took up alchemy in Hawksete with a blind human man as his mentor, hoping to extend his intellect. During his alchemical apprenticeship, a tiny bat found its way into his room. Leonard’s heart melted as quickly as the acidic materials did through the table when he dropped them upon seeing the bat. With some particularly atypical compassion, Leonard managed to extend an olive branch of ants to the bat, sparking a beautiful friendship that persists to this day, as the tiny bat lives in a pouch on Leonard’s belt.

After completing his apprenticeship, he’s just been wandering around the kingdom of Retz, letting his horse drag him and his cart wherever it feels like. He has a feeling the horse is lovesick, but he can’t really understand why. He spends most of his days lounging in the back of the cart, covered by a cloak, fiddling with his various possessions, or petting his bat. Whenever he notices someone else on the road, he hides himself under a blanket, and proceeds to use a crude halfling puppet which is affixed to the seat of the cart, also covered by a cloak. He mostly just nods the puppets head towards the passing travelers, often getting odd looks, but rarely forced to reveal his race. One time, a rather frisky halfling bard managed to strike up enough of a conversation with the puppet that he ended up buying a batch of alchemists’ fire without noticing the puppet’s lack of eyes, or the large, brutish manhands that extended from under the cart’s blanket to accept his gold and hand him the item.

Then, a few weeks ago, he had a crazy dream wherein a cleric of Pelor summoned him to the north, saying something about how his brother needed him. Having only recently realized his brother had even left the monastery by this time, he was eager to set his wandering aside to head northwards. Hey, maybe he could even kill some Orks.

Along the way, he stopped by a tavern for a quick round of drinks, only to find that the bartender was a total douche. So, he killed him, and took a barrel of his finest wine from the cellar. A good haul.

Leonard Monaghan

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