Alatáriël Falconforge

45-year-old half-elven fighter, green eyes, long brown hair, 5'10, athletic/well-muscled build.


Alatáriël Falconforge is the daughter of a human knight, Sir Anders Falconforge, and an elven noble, Lady Rhaethwen Teasen’anea. Shortly after the birth, however, Lady Rhaethwen was whisked back to her elven city by her clan’s furious leader, and Alatáriël was raised by her father. He had no other children, and no wish to marry again, so he taught her his warrior arts. It was his wish for her to continue into the knighthood after his death, but she had no interest in becoming a vassal to some incompetent human lord. Thus, after his death, she set out for her mother’s people in the trees. While her mother was overjoyed to see her, she and the rest of the family didn’t particularly get along. Alatáriël thought, for the most part, that Elves were too wrapped up in their own little world, though she did appreciate their music. They didn’t appreciate that she had chosen such a vulgar weapon as a Greatsword, and laughed at her when she had a hard time fitting into some buildings.

However, one of her very extended cousins did seek her out and made friends with her. This elf held the dream to become a Sorceress when all other elves much preferred to be wizards, and so they had something in common. This elf made Alatáriël’s time there more bearable, but after only five years, Alatáriël felt it was time to leave. She bid her mother and her friend goodbye, and joined up with a band of mercenaries.

A week ago, she received a letter from her elf-friend asking for a meeting, and in a battle two days later Alatáriël’s horse was shot out from under her. Deciding that this chance letter might mean a welcome break from the mercenary life, she followed it to a town a little ways over, and settled down in the inn to await her friend…

Alatáriël Falconforge

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